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Impacting Communities . Changing Lives

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The Current Crisis

Poverty rates in Canada have been rising over the last few years. From 6.4% in 2020 to 10.2% in 2023. In 2023, 18% or about 6.9 million people in the ten provinces lived in a food-insecure household in Canada.  In Ontario 2.8 million people including 700,000 Children are facing food insecurity. It is estimated that 24% or over 700,000 people in Toronto are facing food insecurity right now on a daily basis. These are very serious social issues that we cannot neglect and which can only be solved through collaboration with all stakeholders.

We look forward to your  support and together we can make Zero Hunger a reality across Ontario

Please note that it is possible for any tier below to be customized. Just reach out to us if you have something in mind.

If you would like to sponsor the full amount needed to run the Zero Hunger initiative for the rest of the year, please feel free to reach out to us.

Below is a sponsorship tier list...explain..

$21,133 of $165,000 total


Thank you for your consideration

What It Means To Become
A Sponsor of Freedom City

We have been working in communities for the past ten years. Over this time we have established good working relationships with Food Donors, Community Organizations and Government Agencies. We are working to expand our Corporate collaboration in order to strengthen us financially to do the work that we do and help as many as we can. By becoming a corporate sponsor, you become an architect of hope for Ontario and in time, Canada.

Corporate spons

and corporate giving aren't just about philanthropy; they're about empowering communities against social instabilities by nourishing the seeds of possibility of every person around us. In addressing food insecurity, you become an architect of hope, building a world where no one is impoverished and everyone has the possibility of a better future. 


  • Tax Deduction: As a registered Canadian Charity we will issue you a Charitable Tax Receipt for your donation to Freedom City. With your receipt, you will receive a rebate from the CRA. Please check with your account to verify this info and the amount you will expect to receive based on what you give.

  • Positive Publicity and Brand Image: EVENTS Supporting a charitable cause like purchasing a warehouse for a nonprofit can enhance a business's reputation in the eyes of customers, employees, and the community. It demonstrates corporate social responsibility and a commitment to making a positive impact.

  • Marketing and Public Relations Benefits: Brand Alignment and Marketing: By aligning with our Charity, your business can enhance its brand image and appeal to consumers who value social responsibility. This can be beneficial for both parties, as it also can help our organization to gain visibility and credibility through association with your company. 

Benefits Of Partnering

There are many benefits your business could receive in partnering with us.

Annual Christmas Event

Your Support will help to impact over 1000 families in Toronto.

Learn More

Chloe Wilson


See All We Do

James Williams


See All We Do

James Williams


See All We Do

Setting Communities Free

We help people all around the world

Discover Freedom City's support across Ontario, Canada, spanning Toronto's vibrant diversity, London's blend of history and progress, and Scarborough's thriving communities. Our aid extends throughout the GTA, embracing diverse neighborhoods, while in Bancroft, we focus on supporting residents and preserving nature. Empowering lives and fostering resilience, Freedom City stands committed to uplifting individuals across these varied landscapes.


We apprtiate your interest in volunteering with Freedom City! Please click the link below to learn more about the different ways you can volunteer with us.

Network Partner

Thank you for your interesting in partnering with us. We are stronger together!


For those looking to gain experience in the nonprofit sector, Freedom City is a great place for those looking to contribute while also developing your skills and understanding of the field.

Our Mission

Freedom City is on a relentless quest to liberate individuals in every aspect of their lives, utilizing a comprehensive array of resources at our disposal. Our foundation is built on a profound compassion for people, a commitment that guides every action and initiative we undertake. Our goal is simple yet profound: to enrich lives, providing access to opportunities and resources that enable a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

We are an outreach based Organization that is focused on ministering primarily to the poor, the homeless, the addicted and the broken.


Freedom City's commitment extends beyond immediate relief to fostering long-term healing and hope. By offering support services tailored to address the diverse needs of the vulnerable, including the homeless, addicted, abused, and mentally ill, Community Outreaches pave pathways to stability and personal freedom. Through counseling, rehabilitation, and skill-building initiatives, individuals are empowered to reclaim agency over their lives and embark on transformative journeys towards brighter tomorrows.


Within the bustling streets of St. James Town lies a silent epidemic of loneliness and despair. Through the Visitation Program, we confront this isolation head-on, infusing lives with the warmth of human connection. Each visit becomes a beacon of hope, dispelling shadows of despair and igniting flames of resilience. As volunteers step through thresholds, they carry with them not just words of encouragement but also the transformative power of genuine empathy and solidarity.

Join Us

As Freedom City continues to grow and impact lives, we invite you to join us in our mission. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, your support plays a crucial role in our ability to make a difference. Together, we can continue to build a world where every individual has the opportunity to live freely, fully, and with dignity.

Our Network Partners play a very significant role in our operations. Working together with our partners, we are able to reach people in need of help, in areas all across Ontario.

Learn more about volunteering with Freedom CIty

We have 40 volunteers 

Meet The Volunteers

Jamie Lane

Alex Smith

Charlie McMann

Max Johnson

Max Johnson

Max Johnson