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Our leadership


Michael Gomes, Founder And Director

The founder of Freedom City, Michael Gomes, is an ordained Pastor who has been involved in Christian Ministry for over twenty years. After migrating to Canada in 2004 Pastor Michael got involved in Ministry in Downtown Toronto to the homeless and poor about 10 years ago. Having a heart for the unchurched, the broken and the poor, that they may come to know the Lord Jesus and be set free in their lives, Pastor Michael started Freedom City in the spring of 2014. He is a man who loves God passionately and has much compassion for others. He also has a great heart for a move of the Holy Spirit in Toronto and elsewhere. Pastor Michael is married to Sandra Gomes. They have three grown children. 


Sharon Edwards, Director/Secretary

After graduating from Tyndale Seminary with a
Masters of Divinity, Sharon
was ordained with
Anchor Ministerial out of Kitchener and began
to travel
to other countries to speak and preach,
and serve as a missionary in many
around the world. Sharon also preaches in various
churches in
Ontario and Quebec, including QHOP
(Quebec House of Prayer).


Stephen Parris, Director

Stephen Parris is a Minister of the Gospel who has a great heart for people. He has a unique, prophetic way of seeing into behaviors and attitudes as the Holy Spirit opens his understanding. When he is placed in a position of discerning, it lends valuable insight and knowledge to the Body of Christ. He wants his life to so positively affect many millions of lives just to bring honor and glory to his best and greatest friend, "Yahushua ha Mashiyawk" the one known as Jesus the Christ.

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Stellis Robinson, Director

Stellis is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Over fifty

years ago, she lived in St. James Town, where Freedom

City is based. Stellis says 'I love this community and the

work that Freedom City is doing there and in other places'.

She is from a medical management background having

worked in the medical field, including in Saskatchewan as an Administrative Assistant and later in Toronto at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto as Administrator. Stellis was a member of the original teams that started Youth for Christ in Trinidad and Youth for Christ in Barbados. Stellis lives in Toronto, where she serves as a leader in her local Church. 


Jason Gomes, Director/Media

Jason manages Freedom City's online

presence including the website and social media.

Jason has a passion to see people healed and set

free in their life. He is also talented in computers and sound and takes care of all our technical needs at all events and programs.

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Debra Mattews, Director/Treasurer

Debra is an ordained Pastor in ministry for

over 25 years. She seeks to be a catalyst for change and empowerment. Debra is an anointed Speaker and operates in the prophetic. Her greatest desire is to see others experience liberty in every area of their lives. 

Charity, Street oureach.jpeg

Josephine Campbell, Director

Josephine Bernadette Campbell came into a
Glorious Salvation Experience with Jesus Christ in 1974. The Impact left me with one Response. God where have you been hiding all my life. From that day I made a promise to God to Always Serve Him. He called me to the
Ministry and through a Dream led me to Freedom City Ministry. My role from God is to Serve in the areas of Healing and Bible Teaching. In turn God Promised to show up in the not too distant future to be the Resource Center for Signs and Wonders. I have the
Strongest sense of Mission to Prepare The
Way for the Lord to come and DISPLAY HIS GLORY MONG US.

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Maryam Rahimi

Senior Outreach Leader

charity, non profit, homeless, poor, give to charity, freedom city give to poor, give to h

Patricia Grey

Outreach Leader

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Selina Allen

Community Social

 Welfare Cordinator


Sean Bissoon

Outreach Leader

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Gary Byford

Training & Discipleship


Ailean McConville


charity, non profit, homeless, poor, give to charity, freedom city give to poor, give to h

Gillean Adon

Connect-Com Leader


Chelsea Allen

Kids Outreach Leader

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