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Community Breakfast Program

Our Community Breakfast Program is designed to provide essential support to those facing food insecurity, with a special focus on seniors and individuals living alone. 

Through this program, we offer nutritious breakfast packs to those in need, ensuring that each person receives up to three packs tailored to their requirements. Additionally, we provide a moment of encouragement and prayer, fostering a supportive environment for all who join us.


In St. James Town, Toronto, the Kids Breakfast Program is a lifeline for families grappling with food insecurity. Recognizing the challenges many face in providing regular, nutritious meals, particularly in low-income neighborhoods like St. James Town, the program plays a pivotal role. By offering children a nourishing meal to start their day, it not only addresses immediate hunger but also sets a positive trajectory for their physical and academic well-being. Moreover, the program serves as a vital source of stability and support for families, alleviating the burden of food insecurity and empowering children to thrive academically and socially.

Note: This program is temporarily suspended due to a lack of funding.
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