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Social Welfare Program

Our Social Welfare Program is geared to help individuals navigate through difficult circumstances that they are facing. From homelessness, immigration help, housing issues, unemployment, social security support, disability support or getting into a college, we provide guidance to connect you to available resources - in government agencies and the private sector. Through this program, individuals needing help can register for government housing, get temporary housing at a Shelter, legal assitance, find a job, ODSP or Ontario Works and help with admission into a college.


In moments of vulnerability, the Social Welfare Program extends compassionate hands to uplift spirits and restore hope. Beyond addressing tangible needs, our dedicated team provides a listening ear and empathetic support, recognizing the dignity and worth of every individual. Through personalized assistance tailored to unique circumstances, we aim to not only alleviate present challenges but also foster resilience and empowerment for a brighter future.
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