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Author - Dave Slater

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A New Day

Rockers, swayers, stiff, staunch nay sayers,

All have been gathered as newly called prayers

For family, for friends, even those they don’t know

Repenting for sin, their nation’s, their own.

It’s an unprecedented time all over the globe

A shaking, a quaking, a rending of robes

The enemy is sending a plague of fear

But Adonai is speaking for all who will hear –

‘It’s time to leave Egypt and worship My Name

I’m releasing My people who were seeking acclaim

My grace is sufficient; I’m preparing My bride

It’s no longer busyness as usual that would plump up pride.

Now My Word takes on meaning as never before

Relationship is what I want to restore

Go into the desert and seek My face

Take only what is needed to finish the race.

Leave the old things behind and look to the new

The narrow road is just for the few

Get on it and remember to stay on the track

Come into My Presence and never look back.

All the things you were hoping to do

Will be accelerated and surprise even you

For you know you can do nothing on your own

As the things that matter only come from the Throne.

I’m dispersing My angels as well as My gifts

As the shroud of darkness suddenly lifts

To be used as light all over the earth

To see Kingdom souls come to new birth.

For time as we know it has come to an end

The new Jerusalem is about to descend

I will always be with you to eternity

My love is steadfast; My Son sets you free.’

Given to me during the pandemic of the Corona Virus, nearing Passover, March 2020

Sharon Edwards

Isaiah 43: 18, 19

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