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During this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, Freedom City is on the frontlines bringing food and other essential support to many in the Toronto area. In this time of fear, anxiety and lack, the most vulnerable in our society are increasingly in need of help. Many are calling us for both food, other living essentials and prayer. This is the time for us to get into our Communities and let people know that they are loved and cared for. Following all guidelines by practicing social distancing and wearing personal protection equipment (PPE), through our Mobile Food Bank program we are very busy picking up donations of food and other supplies from businesses and delivering it to those most in need. We are presently helping hundreds of people on a weekly basis. We have also launched an emergency Telephone Emergency Life Line (TELL). This is a 7days a week Call-In service that will allow anyone in need of food or those feeling distressed/overwhelmed to call in to receive food, encouragement and prayer.

If you would like to help us do even more than we are presently doing, please make a donation by clicking on our DONATE button. If you would like to volunteer or learn more about Freedom City, please send us an email -

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