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Despite the affluence of our cities, thousands of people living in Ontario are experiencing poverty, while many are at risk of being homeless .... 

"Fearing eviction, walking to save a token, always choosing the cheapest and least nutritious food, telling government agencies the same information over and over again, and worrying that the opportunities enjoyed by other children will be denied to yours. That's what life is like for many living in Ontario" - Quote from City of Toronto website. 


What does ‘at risk’ mean? This means, that within a 30-60 day period of losing a steady income stream, an at risk individual cannot reasonably afford rent or secure accommodation and will be forced to sleep in a shelter, at a family or friend or in extreme some cases, the streets. 


Be A Part Of Something New

We believe that God is doing something new in Toronto. There is an emerging move of God that is taking place outside the perimeters of regular Church. There is a stirring to go into the Streets, Parks, Highways and Byways to reach men and women with the love of God. If you love Jesus and have a heart to bring people to Him and to give the love of God to people everywhere - We need you. The Harvest indeed is great in Downtown Toronto - there is lots of work to be done - but the labourers are few. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to serve in a wide variety of ways while helping you to develop as a person. Here are some ways that You can serve - Praying with others, Sharing the gospel, Bibles and tracts distribution, Giving out food and clothing , Driving , Home cleaning, Small group leader, Youth ministry, Visitation and any other way that you can serve. We also provide internships for Practical Ministry Training and Community Hours Certificates for Students. All of our volunteers receive training. We look forward to hearing from you.

About St. James Town

st. james town community

St. James Town is an inner city community in Toronto that has been identified by the Government of Canada as 'at risk Community'. This is due to the many challenges that the residents are faced with. The area is typically described as a low literacy, low income, high poverty, high incidences of drugs and crime community. Structurally, St James Town is made up of 22 high rise buildings with a population of over 25,000 people from over 80 countries, all living on one City block, making St James Town one of the most diverse and densely populated areas in the whole of Canada.  

Notwithstanding all of these difficulties, we should always remember that St James Town is made up of regular people just like you and me facing extra ordinary challenges of everyday life. Over the past couple of years, we have met many of these people. Many have dreams for a great life for themselves and family and wake up everyday ready to do what it takes. Many other however, have broken lives and broken dreams and have lost hope after facing severe issues - ranging from poverty, divorce, abuse, bankruptcy, prison, drug addictions, mental health issues and much much more.

For us St James Town represents a minuscule of the world that Jesus paid the price for their freedom and deliverance from every form of bondage. It is full of many gifted people with amazing potential to do great things. We also believe that every person deserves to receive all the resources available for the best life possible that God has for them. Our vision is to see a move of God in St James town that will impact and transform this community bringing freedom, hope and prosperity to many in St. James Town and spilling over into Toronto.

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If You are a Church, Organization or Business you can Partner with us by committing to being involved on a regular basis through donating and volunteering. Through our Partnership, you will be able to donate Finances and Goods and send persons from your Church/Organization to Volunteer in any of our activities. While being a blessing to Others, all Volunteers are impacted and blessed through the lives that they touch. Through the Outreaches, Volunteers also receive training in Ministry and Community Work. Certificates of participation can be provided upon request. As a Ministry Partner you will also receive regular updates of all of our activities. You will also receive Charitable Tax Receipts for all donations made. 

Let's Create A Partnership

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   Registered Charity Number: 815467147RR0001

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